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  • ECG

    Wow. You guys are serious bitches. What’s up with the negative remarks about her legs? Mya looks beautiful, in fact a little

    • ECG

      (cont’d) Patriotic. However, there’s nothing worst than hating ass women who get off talking about ish besides the point, which I believe is her adorable outfit.

      Grow up.

    • OSHH

      yet you caliing folks b*tchies and haters for stating their opinions, LOL no one flat out “hated” on this assemble. SMH

    • Jaslene

      I didn’t get the memo that when telling the truth made one a bitch or hater but alright. She has cankles of course there are nicer ways to say that but it is the truth. She looks cute but for her frame her calves are thick just like Alicia Keys and that’s because of their white moms.

    • Bronze

      Grow up??????? U sound very angry? Si? No?

  • ECG

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck. Therefore, you are bitches and haters.

    And you’re absolutely right, not one of you said you hated her outfit because you were too busy spitting foolishness about her legs. And FYI having a white mom has nothing to do with leg size genius. Go explain that to the millions of Asian women with thick calves.

    I guess being ignit is bliss…

    • OSHH

      For the record I know I am not a duck, I don’t quack or waddle nor am I a #itch or hater, said nothing negative ..fact of the matter is everyone is not built to wear everything. thin, thick, pear shaped, hourglass, whatever, as rule one should wear what flatters their body type. It’s also a fact that some people appear to have elephantitis and it is highlighted in certain assembles.
      God bless!!!!

    • Jaslene

      What is ignit now if I am to understand correctly maybe you meant ignorant and were to busy HATING on the commenters to take the time to proofread your post? You are correct though if you actually meant ignorant it is actually can be quite blissful. Anyway and this just what I have seen a lot of black women that are small on top and then have have huge thighs and calves are usually white and black. Such as Mya, Alicia Keys and others. I have no idea what Asian women have to do with this. Also if you actually took the time to read my post you would’ve seen that I said her outfit is cute I actually really like it. Also I don’t usually make a big deal about it but thank you for calling me a genius I have been tested.

    • Jaslene

      So, I don’t use this word very often but you seem to have no issue with it. BITCH, STOP LYING TO YOURSELF MYA HAS SOME BIG THIGHS AND CALVES. MYA KNOWS THEY ARE BIG SHE KNOWS THEY ARE CANKLES AND SHE DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN. STEVIE WONDER and RAY CHARLES, IF HE COULD RISE FROM THE GRAVE, WOULD EVEN SAY THOSE THIGHS AND CALVES ARE THICKUMS AND THEY CAN’T EVEN SEE. Please I beg of you to learn the difference between hating and truth telling because the only one hating is YOU. QUACK, QUACK.

  • omfg

    wow. haterz everywhere…


  • diamant

    Hot outfit! she just needed a different background.

  • Chele

    LOVE THE OUTFIT! Just not hot on the shoes! Beautiful girl!