With all eyes on Viola Davis Oscar night, the acclaimed actress made a bold statement. Viola abandoned the curly cropped wigs she’s sported all awards season and rocked her natural hair.

Her emerald green Vera Wang gown was complimented regally by a bite-sized sun-kissed fro. Viola said it was her husband who encouraged her to ditch the wig. She told InStyle: “My husband wanted me to take the wig off. He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!’ It’s a powerful statement.”

Viola’s powerful statement instantly became a buzzworthy topic on the red carpet and Internet. Even 72 hours later, Viola’s copper coif is still a trending topic. But is it really that big of a deal? Absolutely! When it comes to black women, hair will always be a big deal and that’s evident in the billions of dollars we’ve invested in the hair industry. When you hear your girlfriends scream “it’s just hair,” remind them of the time and money they’ve spent on keep their hair in check. That clearly shows it’s a priority and the racial and social implications of natural hair add a whole ‘nother layer. Maybe one day we can get to a point when there’s no hoopla surrounded by what should be a normal occurrence: a black woman wearing her natural hair. Until that day comes we’re basking in Viola’s moment to put natural hair in the spotlight.

On Hollywood’s biggest night, Viola showed mainstream America that’s she comfortable enough in her own skin that she doesn’t need long wigs to look and feel beautiful. She also showed other black women who struggled with a love/ hate relationship with their hair that it’s perfectly fine to go au naturel. In a world where wearing long weaves and wigs is not only encouraged but expected, embracing natural hair becomes a challenging and sometimes, terrifying feat. Viola stepped outside of what’s accepted and applauded, that alone takes courage which we applaud. The freedom she gives other actresses and women to embrace their hair is even more commendable.

What do you think of Viola Davis’ hair on Oscar night and what it represents?

-Jamiese Price

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  • omfg

    i look forward to the day when a black woman wearing her hair the way it grows out of her hair is no longer seen as a bold statement.

    i have no interest in anyone seeing me wearing my natural hair as any kind of statement other than a desire to be myself.

    • binks

      Agreed! She looks great and good for her on wearing her hair out. But I don’t really feel any kind of way about it maybe because I stopped waiting for the world to catch up on black women and beauty that I don’t care for the powers that be approval because I know I am fly as is…but I understand if others see this as a big moment

    • diamant

      Binks said it all! many of us have been wearing natural hair for years and we’re suppose to be greatful that the mainstream is now taking notice of yesterday’s news?

    • So Over This Ish

      I agree with all of you ladies…natural hair is beautiful and should be appreciated as such.

    • Yolanda

      I agree with you all. I recently shed the burden of long weaves and I never thought of what others would think. I started with perms, heat, and styling….now I’ve moved over to the au naturale and I’m loving it! In terms of Viola Davis, she looks younger and prettier without those wigs for sure.

    • DB

      It’ll get old once it becomes the norm. And I can’t wait for it to happen either. Think we’re closer than say this time last year.

    • omfg

      i’ve been natural for YEARS. my decision had nothing to do with what anybody else does.


  • cheryle19

    what a beautiful statement! It reminded me of the early 60’s & 70″s when we as women were proud to wear a TWA.
    Thank you my sister!

  • i think she looked amazing…rockin’ the hair GOD gave her!! ;0

  • she looked amazing!! ;0

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