In a recent interview, Brian White said that “the most prevalent image in ‘urban society’ right now is women like Nene” Leakes and suggested that this portrayal was not a stereotype but the majority of black women. Aside from feeling irritated by his belief that the loud and petulant black woman trope is true more often than not, I’m sure many of us imagined Nene’s ears perking up as soon as her name was mentioned in a derogatory way. The reality star took to Twitter with a response for Mr. White (to be read from bottom to top chronologically).

As I read this to myself (in Nene’s voice, unfortunately), I can’t help but notice how greatly she missed the point. Her decision to call him a “hater” and focus on the false claim that fist fights are shown on Real Housewives of Atlanta (which they have never shown Nene participate in but that’s a technicality) shows a total lack of self-awareness and shame.

It’s probably true that Brian White is a bit annoyed by the success of reality stars versus that of trained actors, but that wouldn’t be my response to someone’s claim that I’m a living negative stereotype. I suppose she’s already so far gone on the spectrum of loud and aggressive behavior that she’d never claim to exhibit otherwise because it is her brand, and certainly can’t criticize that behavior by arguing that most black women don’t behave the way she does. If anything, her lack of response shows me how wrong White was and how inaccurate a representation she is for the majority of black women.

What do you think?


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