What do you do with stuff that reminds you of an ex? I won’t lie — I’ve thrown things in the trash, dropped them off at the Goodwill, and given particularly cursed items away to people who could make use of them without having to stir up memories. But what do you do with post-breakup things of value, like wedding dresses and rings, especially when you’ve also still got a little bit of bitterness to get rid of?

NeverLikedItAnyway.com¬†provides a solution. The site’s creator Annabel Acton launched the marketplace/blog after her own breakup left her with two unused plane tickets, some artwork, and the sinking feeling that no one else in the world was going through the heartache that she was.¬†Instead of wallowing in what she saw as “depressing blogs,” and “miserable advice from relationship experts,” she put all of her needs together to put a positive spin on the act of splitting up, cleaning house, and moving on.

The site lets users post their unwanted items, vent to other members on the site’s blog, and share tips about how to shake off that old thang. Think of it as an eBay with a little extra room to complain how crappy the relationship was and a support system of other women going through the same thing.

The chance to be glib about the junk leftover at the end of a relationship while posting in a community of other jilted lovers has to be at least as therapeutic as playing Mary J. Blige on repeat in a dimly lit room while staring at the wall (what…you’ve never done that?), so I’d try it if the time came as long as I could keep from turning my transition to single-dom into a collective kvetch-fest.

Read more at Huffington Post.

What do you think of this idea? What have you done with leftover relationship objects?

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