It looks like Barack Obama singing to us might become a regular thing.

The White House hosted an installment of the series In Performance at the White House featuring BB King, Mick Jagger, and a host of other bluesmen. “Red, White and Blues,” will air on PBS on Monday, but you can catch the best part right here: President Obama, albeit reluctantly, treating us to another taste of his vocal stylings.

By the way, the musician egging Obama on by referencing his Al Green performance was Buddy Guy, a legend in the Chicago blues scene. His no-nonsense grown black man coercion was priceless! Am I the only one still needs moments like these to realize that our President is for real a black man?

Remember when Bill Clinton would go around playing the saxophone? I guess Obama singing is kind of like that — I’m fine with a few verses of song every once in a while as long as we don’t get to Herman Cain levels of nonsense. More than anything I’d like to see him do whatever is necessary to keep the attention of his supporters as the election approaches.

What do you think of the President singing…again?

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