Are Kobe and Vanessa getting back together?After reuniting for a Valentine’s Day kiss, rumors have been swirling about Vanessa and Kobe Bryant possibly getting back together.

Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce two months ago citing Kobe’s cheating ways. The Laker great was allegedly getting it in with over 150 women during the course of the couple’s 10 year marriage and Vanessa had enough.

After filing divorce papers, the talked turned to her possible multi-million dollar divorce settlement, and many wondered if she really deserved all that money. Interestingly enough, the pair stayed mum while others speculated about the details of their divorce, but apparently Kobe isn’t quite ready to let his wife go.

According to TMZ, Kobe is “aggressively” pursuing Vanessa and wants to convince her his philandering ways are done.  And if their Valentine’s Day kiss is any indication, she may be open to it. However, Vanessa seems to be moving ahead with the proceedings and the couple is working to divide their assets.

It remains to be seen if they’ll give their marriage a try yet again, but would you?

If your partner cheated on you–multiple times–would you take them back? 

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  • Lady T

    Kobe ain’t foolin nobody…….that fool is trying to recoup some of those millions he lost.

  • overseas_honeybee

    No ma’am. Sometimes folks have to learn the hard way.

  • pink

    We can’t compare our lives or marriage to Kobe and Vanessa’s….not by a long shot (so how can we say what we would do). I hope they do get back together for their kids sake. Love is hard to find, and besides….we all make mistakes.

    • Georgia

      Sex with up to 150 different people while you’re married isn’t a mistake–it’s a pathology. I don’t understand why people insist on referring to deliberate behavior as though the perpetrator never intended for it to happen.

  • nick

    Yes keep the family together.

  • Ilovelamp

    Been there, done that. Both my husband and I cheated on each other. We’re still (happily), married. It, wasn’t easy, but we got through it on the other side with our sanity still intact, and our love stronger than before. Everyone is entitled to do what’s best for them, but no one should be made to feel stupid because they decide to stay with a partner that has strayed. Now, I will say this, for me personally, had it been more than a one time thing, or a very consistent occurence, than the outcome would have been completely different. LOL.