Whether you’ve been personally affected by it or not, colorism remains an issue in the black community. Young black women with skin on the darker side of the spectrum have an especially hard time striving for acceptance in a world whose standards of beauty aren’t necessarily a match with what God gave them.

Sheri and Corey Crawley, a black Michigan couple, founded the business/organization¬†Pretty Brown Girl in 2010 when they realized how many negative messages about skin color their two daughters were facing and how much those messages could effect their self-esteem. On February 25 they will hold the first “Pretty Brown Girl Day,” and like the group itself this day aims to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of brown girls through positive messages and the development of leadership skills. Participants in the program proudly display Pretty Brown Girl merchandise and take an oath that boils down to a revolutionary, but rather simple concept: I am beautiful and can do anything. Watch this very cute news report that includes the Crawley girls affirming themselves with the Pretty Brown Girl pledge.

While there is no set program for widespread recognition of “Pretty Brown Girl Day,” the Crawleys hope that the concept will spread even farther and take on a personal meaning for pretty brown girls and those who love them; the group has so far relied on word of mouth and partnership with local sororities (such as Delta Sigma Theta) and civic organizations.

Do you think Pretty Brown Girl Day is a good idea? Will you celebrate?

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