If, like me, you flinched a little bit at realizing who Antoine Dodson is in the first place (you know, the whole “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” thing), you’ll be in some real pain when you watch his attempt at sharing his R&B stylings. Rocking the most ostentatious set of microbraids I’ve seen in many years, Dodson pairs up with Alabama based musician¬†Brent Morgan for “Lovesick Lullaby.” Dodson technically had a hit with “The Bed Intruder Song,” so even though he’s not particularly a singer maybe running his voice through autotune will lead to some repeated success, right?

I’m confused by the setting and context for this song and video. Who is he singing to? Why does he have his braids laid like that? Who did the wardrobe for this? Why is he trying to have a singing career? What is really going on?


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