From Frugivore — We guess this is what treasure-hunter Ponce de Leon was looking for when he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, claiming he found the fountain of youth in Florida.

Miami-Dade County resident Annette Larkins has sent the internet abuzz with her youthful appearance at the ripe age of seventy. That’s right, you read it correctly … 7-0.

She was profiled on NBC Miami affiliate new WPTV, showing off her figure, tight and clear skin, and her robust garden. Every corner of her garden has something that is edible. She also collects rainwater to drink and water her plants.

Annette says the food in her garden is her ‘Fountain of Youth.’

She tells the news program:

“I am very vibrant, I have lots of energy, as I told you before, I am up no later than 5:30 in the morning as a rule, and I am ready to go,” she said.

Ironically, Annette’s long-time husband owned a meat store in the 1960s, which helped her transition into vegetarianism. We wonder what she saw behind the scenes.

Years later, she made the ultimate decision and became a raw vegan.

According to Annette, she says she does not eat animal products — her food is unprocessed and uncooked.

“My diet consists of fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. I do a lot of sprouting of seeds and as you can see from my garden and of course these are the raw foods that I eat.”

Annette also juices fruits and veggies. You name it, she can juice it. Grapefruits, pineapples, even spinach. But not everyone in the Larkins family eats and drinks this way.

Annette’s husband Amos of almost 54 years chose to continue to eat the way he did when they were first married. “I really wish I would have done what she did,” he said.

Amos says people even wonder if Annette is his wife. “They will ask me ‘what am I doing with a young girl? or they will say ‘you’ve got your granddaughter with you,’ things like that.”

Amos takes prescription medicines daily for high blood pressure and diabetes. Annette says she does not even take an aspirin.

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