A well rounded woman is a woman who reads, and whether you love the traditional comfort of a hardcover or the modern convenience of an e-reader, indulging in a good book feeds the mind and soothes the soul. Here are four books that are sure to be welcome additions to any book collection.

Diamond Life: A Novel – Aliya S. King
If you don’t know, let me inform you.  Aliya S. King is one of your favorite writers’ favorite writer.  She’s an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Vibe, Giant, Uptown, Essence, King, Ms., Us Weekly, and Teen People, among others.  In Diamond Life, the highly anticipated follow up to her hit Platinum, Aliya continues the saga of journalist Alex Maxwell, her rapper husband Birdie, rapper Z, label exec Jake and more as readers go behind the curtain once again for the real scoop on the biggest players in the hip-hop game—and the first ladies who hold them together.

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