Whether you’re in deeply love, in like, or blissfully single, music is probably on your to-do list for tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day is billed as a day for lovers, crushes, or single’s appreciation, depending on how you look at it, but somewhere some partying will be going on, and for that, you’ll need a soundtrack.

Here are a few songs to add to your list no matter what your relationship status.

For Lovers Only

Sade – Lover’s Rock: You CANNOT go wrong with Sade, whether you’re in love or trying to recover from it, she has something to fit any mood.

Maxwell – Fortunate: If you’re not in love this will make you really, really want to be boo’d up. I wouldn’t put this one for someone you’re ambivalent about or your situation might become even MORE complicated.

Anita Baker – Angel: This is a song for hardcover lovers. I’ve always pictured this song being played at my wedding. First dance steez.

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