Every once in a while I see a news item that makes me finally listen to the claim that we’re facing the end of days because it shows how selfish and callous people can be.

Aaron Brantley is a black 86-year old WWII veteran who reminds me of the grandfather I never had. Last week, Brantley was filling up at a Detroit gas station when a crew of carjackers attacked him, broke his leg, stole his car, and left him lying on the ground. One would imagine that anyone in the immediate vicinity would come to his aid. But not only did people let him crawl right past them outside, they barely paid him any mind when he finally reached inside of the gas station mini-mart. Watch the video footage in this report:

When you get to be Mr. Brantley’s age it seems much easier to just be happy to be alive and not hold ill will towards the poor behavior of others (or perhaps, having that attitude towards life is how you get to be that age in the first place). I also wonder how many of those people assumed he was some run of the mill drunken homeless man. Still, I find Mr. Brantley’s granddaughter’s disgust and disappointment completely justified — while it’s hard for me to say what I would or would not get involved in, I like to think that an elderly black man crawling around asking for help would get my attention.

What do you think?

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  • kissa

    I’m in total disgust that no one stopped to ask this man what happened..No one stopped to assist this man, but instead stopped to stare at the spectacle before them..SMH :-\

  • OSHH

    People need to have more compassion for one another.
    It’s a shame that he was vicitimized tbw, but then not even one person asking if he was ok? We need to do better by one another.

    • OSHH

      esp seniors and children

  • LemonNLime

    This is disgusting but I expect nothing less in a world were people are more likely to take out a camera phone and film you being attacked rather than come to the help of another feeling human being.

    I have no problem saying that I would stop to help because I have done just that. I was driving home one night and saw this man physically attacking this woman on the sidewalk. I pulled over, got my pepper spray and my baseball bat that I always keep in my car and told old dude that if he didn’t back f*** up there would be problems. I asked the woman if she was OK and offered her a ride but she said she was OK. Then I told old dude that I would be calling the police. Was it scary? H*** YEAH! My heart was beating out of my chest, but I am not just going to watch another person be hurt because I am afraid.

    • @ LemonNLime,

      Marry me! and protect me the rest of my life!!!!LOOL!!!

      You deserve a medal.

    • InnocentBystander

      Good for you! What a brave and honorable person you are. We need millions more like you. I simply cannot imagine no one coming to the aid of someone in a terrible situation like this, and I live in a MAJOR metropolitan area.

    • pink

      LemonLime: Kudos, and BigUps to you!!

  • It just shows the denigration of mores and values in today’s society. We are a”me” “me”, “just me” society. SAD!

    • pink

      African: Ditto!!!!

  • Dalili

    Oh my word! That was hard to watch, not one iota of compassion or concern from one person.

    Good for you @LemonNLime, you may have very well saved that woman’s life. There should be more people like you in the world.