Star Jones fascinates me. She’s so successful and well put together, yet has fallen into a few of the more clichéd pitfalls of fame and black woman-hood. For example, how does she consistently get painted as aggressive when she’s really not? How did she endure her marriage to Al Reynolds amid all of the snickering that he was he was actually gay and just taking her for a ride? The unique question, though, is how did she lose so much weight so fast when her claim was that she did it with just a little exercise and carb-cutting?

Star Jones returned to The View yesterday to set the record straight on why she left the show and finally admit that not only did she get gastric bypass but she also asked her co-hosts to lie about it to everyone else. She also says that any woman her size is lying if she says she is happy and has her life under control. Watch:

I can see why Star Jones wouldn’t want to be the poster child for gastric bypass, but I’m not clear on why she chose not to use her position of influence to help people understand what it’s like to be morbidly obese and take on a new approach to health. She could have been honest without promoting the procedure, but instead played into the stigma that those who get gastric bypass are taking the “easy way” and should be ashamed about something. But is the stigma really so bad that she’d need to lie and eventually lose her job over the disconnect that it caused?

What do you think of Star Jones finally telling the truth?

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  • I get why she rubs people the wrong way. I think she might be one of those people who acts one way on camera and another way off-camera (kinda like those women who, for SOME strange reason, has NO lady friends and can never explain why–because the problem resides in them? Yeah.)

    But whatever. I don’t think people generally care at this point. What is Star Jones doing right now anyway?

    • I agree, I like her but she does seem a bit false. She always seems like she is “putting on” when she is on camera…

  • I can totally understand why Jones did not tell the world that she had gastric bypass. That might not have been the crusade that she felt like fighting at the time. Who are we to say she should have carried the gastric bypass flag and been the poster child for it’s benefits.
    I don’t feel celebrities should have to jump up and rally for every single cause that they identify with. If all she wanted was to lose weight without discussing the hows and why of it with the nation, I cant fault her for that. I think it may have been better to ignore the questions than to lie about it, though.
    She extensively supports heart health now, because she chose to. I commend her for that. Who cares about what she did back in 2005?

  • Damali

    Star looks better now…for a while she was TOO thin and looked all stressed she looks good and hopefully she has peace in her life.

  • Joyful1

    I can understand why she didn’t want to discuss her personal business on her talk show. It was her choice. She may have asked her co hosts not to discuss it either. I like Star Jones. She is intelligent and no nonsense. I rather listen to her on The View instead of Sherri Shepard, whom I recall didn’t know the world was flat.

    • What I can say is that you can just reduce the ptrnioos of your food. Use a smaller plate. Then eat 6 small meals a day. Drink a lot of tea—not the diet tea–just regular tea. Then just go and find an exercise that you like to do –like dancing, biking, swimming. I don’t have much of problem w/ my weight but whenever I want to reduce, all I do is to use a smaller plate, eat 6 small meals a day, drink tea, dance and dance, and do Pilates and do a lot of housework activities. I don’t believe rice is the culprit. I eat rice all the time—3 times a day, 1 cup each meal.I accompanied my aunt to a wellness center where she consulted about her weight problem—the specialists there it’s because of “how much you eat” is the main culprit–also the kind of food you eat. Rice is carbs but we need carbs in our body. We don’t need bad fats but we still need fats. It’s the amount/quantity of food you eat. When you fill your stomach beyond its capacity all the time, the stomach extends , so if you eat little, that big stomach will say to your brain you’re still hungry because it’s not filled up. so what you need is to reduce the amount of food you eat. Do not cut rice. Just reduce the amount of rice you eat. And it’s also because the calories u get from food do not convert into energy if you stay inactive. So you need to do a cardio-muscular exercise regularly so you expend the calories you took into energy. Otherwise calories not burned turn into fats and excess weight.You need to be physically active—not taking away rice. If you exercise daily, you can afford to eat everything you want like cakes and chocolates like I do all the time because I try to be active as much as possible.