Star Jones fascinates me. She’s so successful and well put together, yet has fallen into a few of the more clichéd pitfalls of fame and black woman-hood. For example, how does she consistently get painted as aggressive when she’s really not? How did she endure her marriage to Al Reynolds amid all of the snickering that he was he was actually gay and just taking her for a ride? The unique question, though, is how did she lose so much weight so fast when her claim was that she did it with just a little exercise and carb-cutting?

Star Jones returned to The View yesterday to set the record straight on why she left the show and finally admit that not only did she get gastric bypass but she also asked her co-hosts to lie about it to everyone else. She also says that any woman her size is lying if she says she is happy and has her life under control. Watch:

I can see why Star Jones wouldn’t want to be the poster child for gastric bypass, but I’m not clear on why she chose not to use her position of influence to help people understand what it’s like to be morbidly obese and take on a new approach to health. She could have been honest without promoting the procedure, but instead played into the stigma that those who get gastric bypass are taking the “easy way” and should be ashamed about something. But is the stigma really so bad that she’d need to lie and eventually lose her job over the disconnect that it caused?

What do you think of Star Jones finally telling the truth?

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