In TBS’ eyes, Tyler Perry can do no wrong. The network recently ordered 35 more episodes of the “hit” sitcom almost ensuring that this show is on its way to be Perry’s third to hit syndication.

“Tyler Perry’s shows have proven to be a popular draw for TBS on Friday nights,” said TNT and TBS’ head of original programming Michael Wright. “We’re very happy to keep that trend going by ordering more episodes ofTyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse.”

According to Deadline, For Better Or Worse is basic cable’s top sitcom, averaging 2.9 million viewers in its first season. Although its ratings were lower than Perry’s other shows House of Payne and Meet the Browns, For Better or Worse is still a hit for network and embraced by black audiences.

For Better or Worse is based on Perry’s hit films, ‘Why Did I Get Married.’ The show follows three couples as they deal with relationship issues and stars Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White.

Do you watch the show? 

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  • I must admit I was watching this show even though its tacky and ghetto as hell, somehow I got hooked on the black soap opera-like plot and I shamefully want to see what else is going to happen..smh. I secretly hate this show but since I started it, I wanna finish. They need to make some changes though like the big girl that works at the salon…she is NOT funny!!! And Angela is already loud enough, why have another loud character? And the light skin young guy that works at the studio? He’s not funny either!!! And neither is Angela’s and Marcus’s son. And can I get a laugh track please? I think with these changes I probably wouldn’t dislike it so much but again, shamefully I’m probably still going to continue watching.