Super-producer, The Dream is speaking out on the controversial Chris Brown/Rihanna collaboration. The man behind the original version of “Cake” stopped by MTV’s RapFix Live to explain just how the song came together.

The man behind one of Rihanna’s biggest hits, ‘Umbrella,’ says adding Breezy to the song was Rihanna’s idea.

“I think I’m gonna put Chris on it,” Rihanna told him one day. “I don’t know which Chris you talkin’ about, [but] OK, cool, whatever you say,” The Dream told his friend.

Of course he had to know which Chris she was speaking of, but the Dream says he trusts RihRih’s choices and she had to be aware of the outrage her decision would cause.

Dream explained, “She’s pretty smart too. The same questions that went through my mind, and I’m an artist also, had to have gone through hers…When she raised the question to me, I know she’s not crazy. So my thought was you’ve been thinking about this, you’ve already thought it out, so evidently you know what reaction you gonna get.”

So what does the Dream have to say to all those who are upset about the collaboration? For the Dream, it’s a matter of forgiveness.

“Don’t say you know how to forgive when you don’t,” he said. “Everybody knows what took place, cool. Have the power to really forgive if that’s what it is. If not, stay on that side of the fence from the beginning.”

While, I don’t believe forgiving someone means forgetting what they did, it’s clear that many in the industry have moved on.

Check out the Dream talking to Sway of MTV’s RapFix Live. What do you think? 

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