I must warn you. The video you have/are about to watch will have you doing a lot of “WTF?” “WTH?” “White folks done lost they mind…again!”  Now wait, before you proceed to slap the next white person that walks by, I challenge you to empathize with the ignorance that you have/will  witness and promise yourself to educate our culture to the ‘porcelain gods’ in proving them wrong.

*woo-sah*. Wasn’t as bad as you thought? No? Okay – I must commend the young gentleman for brining awareness on the lack of education on black culture from the Brigham Young University students.  However, there were a few things that could have been left out:

1.       The blacking out of the gentleman’s face

2.       The dating preference of a white guy who “acts” like a black guy vs. a black guy who “acts” like a white guy

3.       The students impressions of black people

4.       Oh and the white guy who said we love our chicken and grape juice *record scratch*

Yes ― I enjoy my fried chicken.  HELL, every now and then I too indulge in some grape soda.  But to know our culture is seen as chicken and grape soda lovers, having too much attitude, z-snapping, smacking lips, and the ‘sah-curity’ is quite baffling.  Matter of fact, I’m quite embarrassed.  Here it is 2012 and we are still struggling to break away from the never-ending stereotypes.  Did the BYU students forget about POTUS and FLOTUS? Damn. Give us some credit.

So what do you say? How do we breakaway from such titles and social stigmas?  Are we to blame, the media (ie. Sh*t Black Girls Say, Friday) or the lack of color on BYU’s campus?  Speak up!

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