On Clutch we’ve written so many times about all the things we feel women should be doing to attract, please and keep a man.  But we’re people to and there are certain things men should be doing to attract, please and keep us.  The other day I was on the train and overheard a conversation between two men who appeared to be in their late thirties or early forties.  These two grown men were discussing how they don’t go downtown.  My ears were in shock at the fact that there are so many grown ass men out there still acting like licking Miss Kitty is an abomination.

It annoys me to no end to hear men say how gross it is or front like they would never go near that area with their mouth even though you can clearly see the pubic hair stuck between their teeth.  Shouldn’t they be over it at this point?  Even their favorite rapper’s favorite rapper is bragging about his skills below the equator so why are so many men still disgusted (or at least pretending to be disgusted) by the act?  The same men turning up their noses to it are the same men that expect you to suffer rug burns and early arthritis by kneeling down and spit cleaning the magic stick.  How is that fair?!  You can’t put your face in it, but I must risk losing my vocal chords trying to fit your pipe down my throat.  Yea no.

I don’t know when or how, but men got it severely twisted.  Yes I completely understand the whole menstrual cycle thing and how that can turn you off, but it turns me off thinking about how many men don’t wipe after peeing or don’t wash their balls properly and then expect to be tea-bagged; but in the name of amazing sex, I pray that you scrubbed properly and dive in head first and mouth wide open.  Men need to get over it!  Giving your woman that special kind of attention can only bring good things to you because if you keep your woman satisfied sexually she’ll be more open to making sure all your needs are met as well.  You can’t expect a woman to please you without wanting to be pleased in return.  Just like the saying applies to us, it applies to you also; “What you won’t do, someone else will” and the male ego is way more fragile than ours, so I’m sure the men out there would not be feeling even the thought of the next man licking up and piping down their woman.  What’s good for the goose is most certainly good for the gander, so like you tell us fellas….don’t be scared of the juices, it’s good for the skin!


Do you still encounter men who refuse to taste the love below?  Would you be okay with giving, but never receiving?

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