Too Short causes controversy with XXL videoYesterday we shared an appalling video XXL magazine featuring Bay Area rapper Too Short giving “fatherly advice” to young boys.

In this particular video–the third in the series–Too Short attempted to school boys on the birds and the bees, but instead ended up arming them potentially dangerous info to “turn girls out.”


Apparently, others felt equally outraged by the video and a petition calling for the ousting of XXL’s editor Vanessa Satten recently sprang up.

Calling themselves the People against media violence, the petitioners write:

“In a culture where 44% of rape victims are under the age of 18; in a society where someone is assaulted every 2 minutes; with 2/3 of victims committed by someone known by the victim and 38% of rapists being either friends or acquaintances of the victims, and 15 of 16 rapists will never spend a day in jail, we stand together in condemnation of this video.  The sanctioning and normalization of violence against women and girls stands squarely in opposition to creating a just and humane society.  This video represents yet another assault on women and girls throughout society in its promotion of sexual violence, in its acceptance of the daily denigration and sanctioning of violence against women and girls.”

Since the video came under fire, both Too Short and XXL editor Vanessa Satten have apologized.

“I want to apologize to anyone I may have offended with the XXL video interview I recently did,” Too Short stated. “When I got on camera I was in Too $hort mode and had a lapse of judgement.I would never advise a child or young man to do these things, it’s not how I get down. Although I have made my career on dirty raps, I have worked over the years to somewhat balance the content of my music with giving back to the community.”

Satten, XXL’s Editor-in-Chief, also apologized for the video’s release.

“There has been some recent controversy surrounding a video interview with Too $hort that posted on XXLMag.com last week,” she said in a statement posted on the magazine’s website.

“Many readers found the tone and content of the interview to be offensive and were angered that it was allowed to post on the website,” Satten said. “I agree with their perspective. I do not see all content before it goes live. When I saw this video, I was truly offended and thought it crossed the line. I had it taken down immediately. I am disappointed that an employee decided to post it and I am putting internal procedures in place to make sure content like this does not go on the site. The video goes against my value system and represents poor judgment on behalf of the individual who posted it.”

What do you think of the petition and the apologies? 

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  • Socially Maladjusted

    Can’t see anyway to defend a man on this one.

    If it was my daughter that got thrown up against a wall . . . .etc etc . mumbling threats of serious harmage.

  • Sput

    As a general perspective, someone help me understand the dichotomy I see in the American culture. Sexual moral outrage seems quite prevalent in our culture while our outrage with corrupt government officials who lie, pad their own pockets, apparent moral corruption are rationalized and condoned.

    I don’t want to be misunderstood here as I strongly support adult protection of our youth though I must admit I simply don’t understand the lack of outrage regarding the lack of such outrage regarding corruption in our layers of government structure (local, state and federal.)

    • Socially Maladjusted



    • Sput

      Maladjusted….well…I sure hope someone or many of us “ring the bell”.

  • DaRealestFemale

    I personally do not feel like the editor should be FIRED. and I must say that I do appreciate that the video was aired, letting US ALL know what Too Short is STILL ALL about. I’d thank the editor for EXPOSING his ways giving US, the consumer, the power to petition HIS music and therefore his “comeback”. I look at it like this…nobody wants to point the finger and say this person is a woman beater but if the woman beater says yes i beat women then the only person that should be held responbile for that behavior is, THE WOAMN BEATER, NOT the person who gave him the platform to expose HIMSELF.