After being on the scene for years Trey Songz is finally getting his due. The Virginia rapper-turned-singer has a knack for making club bangers and baby-making anthems, but in a new spread in GQ magazine the crooner hints that he’s ready to make a change.

Sporting a host of sport coats from various designers, Songz talks with GQ about wanting to make a lasting impression on the business.

Although he’s known for his sex-laced songs, Songz says he’s ready to do something different.

“I could make a hundred ‘Bottoms Up’s,” he says, “but they won’t change nobody’s life. Marvin Gaye sang love songs to a certain point, and then it was like, ‘Fuck this, I’m not clean-cut no more. I’m putting this skully on, letting this beard grow out, and I’m doing whatever the fuck I wanna do.’ ”

So does this mean he’ll be switching up his sound for his latest album, Chapter V?

Songs tells the men’s mag, “I might. Give me a couple of years, though.”

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