Tyler Perry’s latest film, Good Deeds, debuted over the weekend to healthy numbers at the box office. The film follows Wesley Deeds, a man stuck in a rut, as he chooses between living the life that has been chosen for him verses following his heart.

The film stars Perry, Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, and Phylicia Rashad, and despite mixed reviews, raked in $16 million in its opening weekend, Perry’s second-lowest opening.

In spite of the low numbers, Perry’s film is still a hit for the studio. Good Deeds cost just $15 million to make and will likely earn $35-40 million total.

Did you see the film? What did you think?

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  • complexity

    I enjoyed the movie. There are also very specific and sentimental reasons as to why which I won’t go into. Tyler Perry, the person, has impressed me so much this week. Whitney Houston’s tribute and if you heard about the story in Chicago, you really would support this movie anyway.

    I believe this may be the best movie he’s made. Trust that I have plenty of critiques of Tyler Perry’s movies–the stereotypical roles, the same story plots, the writing, telling black women stories, his limited perspective, not so funny lines, etc.

    But, in this movie, he as the main character was likeable. The comedic timing was better. I was cracking up at some parts which surprised me. He’s getting to know subtlety better. I think it was just as good as any other average good movie, not excellent, but good. I’m comparing him to other movies in this case, not to his own movies. It was a story that was familiar and you could kind of predict, but again most movies are like that for me anyway. There were less awkward moments or shifts in the scenes that usually irk me in his films.

    So, if he keeps it up; if he keeps trying to improve his craft as a writer, filmmaker, producer, actor; if he chooses to take the constructive criticism; he might have him an award one day. I actually don’t mind him as much as an actor.

    In general, despite my critiques, I usually enjoy the experience of watching his movies in the company of other black folks even if there are things about it that bother me. While watching the movie, I still kept thinking that his most important contribution is showing black people and bringing us together for a culturally relevant movie reunion. His movies will always have elements of and references to black culture in them which I appreciate.

    To stay in a supportive place, I will be patient with him as he continues to grow into a better filmmaker. I would encourage and push him to continue to listen, learn, and refine. We can’t place the entire burden of making excellent black movies on Tyler Perry. It’s a position he has been put in being one of the only. I would also push him to give other filmmakers a shot through his company. But, that’s not all on him either. Some of that is on us as viewers and consumers.

  • Vee

    I enjoyed the movie. It was great universal theme and preachy. I think he is trying to get away from the Madea character.

  • KIM

    dont jump into conclusions, red tails was said to have not flopped when it opened with 19 mil i think, people said it would do like The Help, yet it didnt past 30 mil total, a 40+ million dollar loss for lucas, this movie wont make 40 million but he’ll be in the black and thats all he cares about.

  • Mary

    I love Mr. Perry and I will support him til the end, but Good Deeds was too predictable as with all of his movies. I was all hyped up… I mean I was literally crying during the preview of the movie, but I left the theater very disappointed.