“America’s Next Top Model” is coming back to television on February 29, so it’s been easy to assume that whipping wannabe models into shape (while smizing) is how Tyra Banks has been spending all of her time. But the talk show host, actress, and model has been working on her MBA at Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program, which is three years of three-week sessions spread over time…I suppose doable in the midst of it all. Last week she took the time to give advice to a select group of HBS students about how to find happiness while also keeping your money right.

Tyra’s goal is to turn her media company, Bankable Enterprises, into a leading force in entertainment using well-advised business decisions and not just her gut. Instead of seeing herself as a soon-to-be Oprah Winfrey, she sees Walt Disney as her role model, considering comparisons to media’s leading female force “extremely flattering, impossible to live up to, and inconsistent with my goals.”

Tyra admitted that her persona on “Top Model” is more of a character that she “would love to have…in the boardroom” than her true self and admitted that she might seem tough but it’s not all its cracked up to be. A few bits of her advice on how to make it (and fake it) while still being happy:

“It’s okay to be vulnerable.  Things don’t always have to be perfect.”

“You have a drive that the average person does not have.  I’ve just started to take care of myself, and you need to do that, too.”

“Don’t chase the money, even if you want to be a banker.  Chase the passion. Chase the dream.”

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