At the Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 show, L’Uomo Vogue’s Franca Sozzani revealed that she is working on another Africa-themed issue for the spring to hit newsstands in May or June. Sozzani stated the issue would be “about people who are from Africa in a positive way.” Since these one-off issues have proven to be lucrative and there is documented interest for them, why can’t there be an entire magazine devoted to fashion in the African diaspora? Mario Epanya famously pitched Vogue Africa to Conde Nast and was rejected (his photography above). If Vogue Italia is planning yet another one-off issue, why reject Epanya’s idea? And has there been an increase in diversity in Vogue’s pages in general?

What do you think of the politics surrounding Vogue Italia’s upcoming Africa issue?

-Krystal Franklin

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  • Omg her skin is beautiful. I love the eye shadow too. So many colors.

  • Bronze

    When are we going to see that there is a very strong interest to keep our beauty out of the spotlite. I’m very dissappointed that Arise has not answered that call with delayed publication and short supply. I don’t want Vogue to recognize our beauty. I WANT US TO RECOGNIZE AND GLAMORIZE OUR BEAUTY!!!!! If we can get this learned we can take over the whole Stone Mtn….as Kat Williams said.

  • Who really needs Vogue anymore? They just jump on what’s hot, which at the moment happens to be black people and ethnicity.

    • omfg

      i agree. i’ve never really looked to vogue for any reinforcement.

      black people should just focus on doing their own thing.

      personally, i’d like to see another black fashion/beauty website/online mag. no disrespect to c/c intended.

    • Yup. Pretty much. At this point I wouldn’t even bat a lash at an “African” Issue of any of these mags to be honest. It’s even a little insulting trying to feature black models, beauty, and fashion into 1 issue out of the year to make a good gesture and sell copies. Even Turkey has a Vogue. But Africa, who is being swarmed for their textiles by the fashion industry and has always been a major fashion influence, doesn’t have a Vogue. I’ll pass on a “Black Issue.” It’s an all black issue everyday I look in the mirror. Take that to print <3