What rock was I hiding under in 2010 when Fox 2000 Pictures announced that they’d bought the feature rights to Waiting to Exhale and would be creating a sequel? Well they did, and in spite of the recent loss of Whitney Houston, the project will go on as planned with hopes to revive the rest of the original cast.

Elizabeth Gabler, president of Fox 2000 Pictures, said in an interview that not only will the show press forward, but “it’s almost in [Whitney’s] honor that we think to soldier on.” Gabler also revealed that talks about who will replace Whitney Houston as Savannah will not begin until the shock of her death wears off … but she does have some ideas:

Given that Oprah Winfrey helped promote the film and has the acting chops, Gabler allowed that “it isn’t inconceivable” that Winfrey herself might have an interest in carrying the torch for Houston, but quickly cautions, “We literally have not talked about anybody for that part. Forest, I know, is just … grieving. He’d been the one who was speaking with her, updating [Houston] on its progress.”

The interview also mentioned that, in a twist of odd timing, the script for a re-boot of Whitney Houston’s biggest film hit The Bodyguard arrived at studios on Monday, this version with a “U.S. Army special forces commando fresh from Iraq.”

Oh, Hollywood.

Waiting to Exhale without Whitney? Is that a good idea?

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