The Coming to America-esque fantasy of being whisked away by an African prince is the kind of road to royalty that very few people even bother dreaming about. But Peggielene Bartels didn’t need a prince to become African royalty in the blink of an eye — in fact, the woman now known as “King Peggy,” suddenly found herself King.

A naturalized U.S. citizen originally hailing from Ghana, Bartels was a secretary at Ghana’s Embassy in Washington D.C. She knew she was related to African royalty but three years ago when her uncle passed away and his fishing village Otuam chose her as King in his place, she was shocked. Bartels accepted the lifetime appointment as King of Otuam while still maintaining her life here in the states and considers herself a “commuter king.” She’s written a book,  “King Peggy: An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Village,” that explains her journey and the unique leadership style she’s developed as a female king often doubted by her traditional male peers. Watch her on CBS This Morning.

Learn more about King Peggy here.

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