The Couple, a new web show about to the intricacies of a couple living together, is gearing up for its Valentine’s Day release.

As they prepare for the premiere, the show’s creators have released several minisode teasers. We’ve featured the previous mini-episodes in the past (here), and we eagerly await yet another smart, well-made web show.

Just like the Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and 12 Steps to Recovery, The Couple is yet another example of black writers and directors taking to the web to get their art heard.

Check out the fourth minisode of ‘The Couple’ and let us know what you think.

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  • HILARIOUS!!! We had the same argument at the beginning of our marriage! Laughing hysterically!

  • sli

    I agree with him, that’s the right way to maximize the toothpaste–you got to get prissy with it. Her raggedy way of squeezing the tube is trifling, lol.

  • Jetricia

    OMG…I very much needed this! This mess was so funny! I must admit though if I was in a bad mood, I would have said, “mf, what about you start buying you own toothpaste?” Lol..

  • Jetricia

    Haha..this was so funny! I needed that.

  • overseas_honeybee

    That was too funny! I could not have kept a straight face. Negro …bye…lol.