The folks over at Black&Sexy TV are back with yet another episode of their hilarious new web series, The Number.

The show follows an engaged couple who–after exchanging the number of past sexual partners–struggle with issues of trust. Although his fiance seems to be totally committed, after learning that Melissa is more sexually experienced, Jason is having second thoughts.

The show is not only well-written, well-acted, and funny, it also features one of our favorite Clutchettes, Issa Rae of the web show the Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.

In the last episode, Jason broke the news of his engagement to his sister Lisa (Issa Rae), but she isn’t quite feeling his fiance. Although Melissa seems nice, Lisa decides to set Jason up with her friend….at their engagement party!

Watch what happens next…

Check out Episode 3 of the Number  and let us know what you think!

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  • Srenda

    Really Funny!

  • niesha

    Not feeling this as much as I would have hoped. Issa Rae is a lot funnier in her own stuff.

  • shadow

    I’m liking the show so far, very funny. Dying to know what her number was!

  • Andrea

    First five minutes could be cut. The dialogue could be cut down if the unnecessary rambling was cut.