Radical conservative group, Westboro Baptist Church, has reached a new low. After saying they would protest Whitney Houston’s funeral because she “disobeyed God,” they couldn’t make it. Instead, they decided to do the next best thing: pretend they were there.

During Houston’s funeral service on Saturday, church leader Margie Phelphs tweeted a picture of group members holding signs saying “God hates f*gs,” and claimed the group’s protest was “rocking the house.”

Only, it was all a hoax.

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest paper, pointed out the picture was a fake because the area shown was blocked off by police and Westboro Baptist members were nowhere to be found.

Westboro Baptist Church is a radical group that protests at funerals across the country. They claim those that have died did so because either they or the country has “disobeyed God.” One look at their website, however, shows they wouldn’t know God if he was standing among them. Their hate-filled speech is the exact opposite of what God is: Love.

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  • Coco

    Some people just have NOTHING better to do *sigh*

  • Dalili

    Such a misguided, hateful group!

  • mamareese

    Dislike this group really but I think some sicko other than them did this because of what the signs say. Their signs normally say the same but in a more tactful way…if there is such a term related to them. I do agree anybody that does hateful stuff like this….oh it’s gonna be warm where you go.

    • Dalili

      @Mamareese: Nope, this was solely their doing. And you are right, tactful isn’t a word I’d use to describe them.