I confess, American TV bores me.

While there is no shortage of shows on the air, I have yet to connect with any new(er) scripted shows like I have with those of the past. When I’m not watching the news (which is a lot), I spend most of my time watching Cosby, Law & Order, Girlfriends, Living Single, and Sex & the City reruns. Newer shows just can’t keep my interest. But there’s hope.

Last summer I discovered Britain’s hit drama Luther on Netflix and got hooked. I watched all six episodes in the first series (season) in a matter of a weekend and searched the internet to find a place where I could watch the second season before it hit America. I was blown away. The writing, the acting, and *ehem* Idris, were unlike anything that was on America TV, and apparently, I’ve been sleeping on the Brits.

Recently, I decided to give another British show a try. After hearing some people talk about it, I decided to check out Top Boy, which–from what I can tell–is sort of the British equivalent to the Wire.

Top Boy takes viewers inside one of east London’s estates (housing projects) and follows Dushane (Ashley Waters) and his friend Sully (Kane Robinson) as they try to become the biggest dealers on their block. The typical crew rivalry ensues which complicates things for Dushane and his boys, but what interested me most was the story of 13-year-old Ra’Nell who is left to fend for himself after his mother’s mental illness overcomes her.

Although you can’t watch it in the states just yet, thankfully the web has made it possible to view shows from around the world (watch it here). And in spite of watching only one episode, I’m totally digging Top Boy thus far, so much so that I stopped myself from watching the four-part series in one night. I want to take my time.

But how about you, Clutchettes and Gents…do you watch shows from aboard? Share your favs so we can add them to our list! 

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