When was the last time you went bra shopping for a flesh-toned bra, and you were able to not only find one with not only the perfect fit, but it was the perfect tone to match your skin? I’ll pause for a minute to let you collect your thoughts. It’s more than likely that the majority of black women can answer this question with a big fat “never.”

Bra shopping may seem like a trivial task for any woman, but when it comes to looking for that coveted nude-colored bra to accompany our many wardrobe choices, it has the potential to become somewhat of a nuisance and automatic let-down. I am a caramel-toned woman, but most of my “nude bras” are a few shades lighter or darker than my skin. I know it’s not feasible to capture every shade of brown that women of color come in, but when the darkest “nude” that’s available is ivory, that becomes a problem for those of us with darker skin. We even explored this phenomenon here on Coco & Creme with “Why Nude Excludes.”

Well, Tara Raines, a 31-year-old psychologist in Los Angeles, is fighting back with the “What’s Your Nude?” campaign. Besides, the obvious lack of available choices for the many shades that women of color come in, Raines was also motivated to start the movement after she found out that over the past 30 years her family and friends took a DIY approach and dyed their bras to match their skin.

Starting on February 1, which is the first day of Black History Month, Raines is encouraging women to be enforcers of change by becoming vocal about this issue. To get in on the action, “Like” the “What’s Your Nude?” Facebook Page (click here) and take initiative by contacting your favorite bra manufacturer or retailer via phone, mail, e-mail or social media (using the hashtag #whatsyournude). So far more than 500 people “ Like” the Facebook page, and celebs such as actress Holly Robinson Peete support the campaign and singer Chrisette Michele showed her support via a tweet in response to a tweet Raines sent to her about the issue, saying: “@WhatsYourNude lol! U know? Now that I think about it, you’re positively correct!”

What do you think about this campaign? Are you willing to contact bra manufacturers in the name of getting more nude lingerie options for women of color?

-Margaret Francois

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