Willow Smith

Recently pictures of Willow Smith with a low-cut ‘do surfaced and it seems like folks have a lot to say. While I think she’s cute and looks a lot more like her superstar pop, others feel like like allow young Willow to shave her hair is a knock against Will and Jada’s parenting skills.

Although they’ve been very vocal about allowing their children to express themselves, some feel like going bald crosses the line. But why? Isn’t it just hair?

We all know that’s a loaded question, especially for black women. While our hair can very well be “just hair,” typically it’s not. Some of us have been told that there is power in our hair and to grow it as long (and as straight) as possible, while others grew up with the freedom to switch styles as often as they changed outfits.

I the older I get, the more I subscribe to the “just hair” notion, but I’ll be honest, it took a long time to get here. And while I’ve considered shaving my head (because Rachel Stewart and Demetria Lucas’ short cuts give me fever), I haven’t taken it all the way down just yet.

How about you? Would you shave off all your hair? 

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  • Laa

    This Tiffany chic is for the birds. Ignorant. I currently have my hair shaved and it is a beautiful thing. My hair does not define me because I define my hair. Regardless of age or sex, lets commend Willow for being different and comfortable in her own skin.

  • I wouldn’t shave my head, but I think its fine if someone wants to. Its depends if its suits the individual.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Yep. Shaved my head a few years back and loved it. Always kept my fade tight and I would do it again. Recently changed up my style and grew it out but as long as her parents are ok with it, then I see no problem with her rockin’ it.

  • Sparkle

    I don’t see how this is worse than putting a hot comb or chemicals in her hair but that’s just me….

  • Sunset

    Just shaved my head in support of cancer survivors & their families and in loving memory of those who’ve died from cancer. I think it’s awesome because of what it stands for and because of my perspective I think any woman with a bald head is beautiful, for any reason! I actually feel more feminine and confident!! For a girl this confident, it’s not like it’s something she will regret, so who cares. There are worse things your kid could do and she doesn’t look any less feminine.