Earlier this week, we called your attention to an offensive “advice” video posted on the XXL website from rapper Too Short. In it he advised young boys how to “turn girls out” and possibly assault them sexually.

After sites like Clutch, Ebony, MyBrownBaby, NewBlackMan, MadamNoire and others criticized the hip hop magazine for posting such an irresponsible video, it was quickly pulled and the mag’s editor-in-chief, Vanessa Satten issued a brief apology.

Almost as quickly as the video came down, however, a petition calling for Satten’s firing began circulating the web and it was clear, many were still not happy with XXL’s handling of the situation.

Satten then issued a longer apology informing readers that the responsible parties have been disciplined.

Satten wrote:

Last Friday, I received an email from a reader about a Too $hort video that had posted on XXLMag.com. Without having seen the video yet, I immediately forwarded the email to my web staff, watched the video and had it taken down immediately. As the Editor-in-Chief of both the magazine and the web site, I do not see all content before it posts live. As is typical at many media companies, with the rapid pace the web moves, I empower the online editors to produce and post content that goes live without my approval.

As soon as I learned about the video, I had it taken down.

As a woman, I in no way find the content of the video acceptable. To think I would ever approve anything that would harm women or endanger children is absurd. Under no terms should sexual assault be tolerated, nor do I endorse making light of it.

The staffers responsible for producing and posting this video have since been suspended. We are currently implementing changes in our posting process to ensure something like this never happens again. I am not trying to pass this off on my staff but unfortunately an awful judgment call was made.

Although I’m glad that those responsible for publishing the video are now suspended, I wonder what would have happened if no one ever sent an email to Satten complaining about the video in the first place?
Why did it take a concerned reader to remind XXL that promoting possible sexual violence against girls wasn’t ok?
Thankfully, the people were watching and we were able to collectively hold XXL accountable for the content they put out. This once again shows that if we come together, make our concerns heard, and act upon them, we can affect change.
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  • jamesfrmphilly

    fire too $hort!

    • AustralianGirl


  • Tonton Michel

    I think thats enough.

    • iLuvRenae

      Of course you would…

    • Tonton Michel

      I am sorry, would you like their first born or just their genitals on a silver platter?

    • Haha! Funny exchange.

      I think that those responsible for publishing the video on the site need to be fired. It actually boggles the mind as to how they still have jobs at that magazine. The video was grossly irresponsible to publish, and straddles the line of breaking the law by inciting the rape of minors.

      Also, I feel that this is one of those situations where being cruel means being kind. Those responsible for producing this video saw nothing inherently wrong about it. By firing them, it’ll be setting a standard in their mode of thinking (for some, even a precedent) that the devolution of the African-American youth isn’t worth a cheap laugh or two.

      By suspending people like that, they’ll most likely learn nothing.

    • D-Chubb

      For advocating the sexual assault of underage girls? Genitals, please. Thank you.

    • Tonton Michel

      @ K.Michel

      They will learn the same lesson from a suspension as they would from a firing. With a suspension you do not risk the chance of permanently damaging a career for what might be a first time offense. I can see if this is one series of missteps but that has not been indicated here.


      Get them your self.

  • t

    She’s a white woman? Oh, no wonder she was willing to publish that shit.

    • Velma

      You’re probably right on that one. When one feels that something doesn’t directly affect them…..it’s a ok. Not this time.

  • Sasha

    She should be fired. Plain and Simple. She’s the editor and she’s responsible.

  • Alex

    “I am not trying to pass this off on my staff but unfortunately an awful judgment call was made.” PFFT!! Fire the editor, that trash would not have went down it was intended for a white audience.

    • civil radd

      YES,The Editor-in-Chief needs to hand in her letter of RESIGNATION.