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Republicans are at it again.

Instead of trying to work to quicken our economy’s recovery, they are meddling in the reproductive rights of women. From coast to coast state lawmakers have overstepped their bounds and tried to limit out access to health care and family planning services.

Today Congress is debating the Blunt Amendment to the health care reform bill, which would allow employers to refuse to cover any medical service they deem “morally objectionable”, and yesterday Virginia passed a bill requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound (although they backed off requiring a trans-vaginal one).

A “personhood bill” giving rights to fertilized eggs and stipulates that life begins at conception has passed the Oklahoma Senate and is heading to the House. This of course sparked outrage in many of the state’s women, who protested the law.

Oklahoma Senator Judy Eason McIntyre was on hand for the protests, and when she spotted a sign stating, “If I Wanted the Government in my Womb, I’d Fuck a Senator,” she just knew she wanted to take a picture with it.

Although the words may offend some, Sen. McIntyre says the proposed personhood bill is just as offensive.

“I would hope they would have that same passion about how offensive it is for the Republican Party of Oklahoma to ramrod, because they have votes to do so, bills that are offensive to women and take away the rights of women,” she said.

We agree, Sen. McIntyre.

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  • Alexandra

    Yeah she went there. I’m not offended.
    There’s a major gender in-balance in politics, not enough women involved in these debates. I’m quite sure a good percentage of women who are involved, share the same views as the men who want to push with this law.

  • Mimi

    In this overly politically correct society, I’m surprised a state senator had the balls to take a pic with the sign! If I lived in OK, I’d certainly consider voting for her.

  • CaramelBeauty

    A friend and I were talking about this the other day and her sentiments were pretty much the same and in the same offensive language!!! I cannot understand why this topic is still on the table. We need to get past it and pay attention to what is really ailing the people of the United States. For instance, Obama wants to reward corporations that hire Americans to manufacture goods here in America with tax incentives. Keep jobs in America!! That to me, is far more important. Republicans just want to fool the American public into believing that they care about the public, when they don’t. so they set up these abortion smokescreens so you don’t notice that they care less about the economy and the people of America!!!!!

    • kissa

      I totally agree with you one hundred percent..

  • sli

    That’s putting it bluntly!