Zay Zay is a five year old kid who told his dad that he wants to be a comedian. To fulfill his son’s dreams, Zay Zay’s dad wrote him some material, put him on Youtube, and even set him up with a Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page. Watch Zay Zay’s first attempt at a routine, “Growing Up Black.”

The material in this bit is definitely inspired by the early 90’s BET Comicview School of Black Humor, but Zay Zay is a five year brown boy… I could not resist his cuteness even if I wanted to.

What do you think of Zay Zay?

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  • Candy 1

    It wasn’t funny to me (except for the fact that I put my kids’ wasted food in the refrigerator for later on, and then tell them to fix their faces when they frown up about it).

  • I’M ROLLINNNNNNNNNNNNNN! HE’S THE CUTEST LITTLE THING EVER! And everything he said was too accurate, whether we like it or not. Good job, Zay Zay!

  • Liz

    Thank you to all of those that supported my grandson..it is our goal as a family to support our next generation in the direction that they dream of..this was his right now and that is what we did.

    Thanks Again
    Zay Zay Grandmother (and no that is not his birth name).

  • RenJennM

    LOL! He is adorable and his jokes were on point. I’ve been through damn near everything he mentioned. Needs to work on his delivery, but the content was great.

  • NotAmused

    I didn’t find ZayZay funny at all. Probably the funniest thing was “hair, face, hair, face.” We have to stop thinking that child abuse is amusing.