I said it before Whitney passed away and I’ll say it until I’m proven wrong: nobody could sing quite like Whitney Houston and once she sang a song she really made it her own.

So when American Idol announced that it’s 400th episode would feature the women of the competition covering Whitney Houston tunes and the men covering Stevie Wonder tunes (Stevie being another incomparable artist), I practically popped popcorn in preparation to watch the series of failures that just had to be coming. But Jessica Sanchez, a 16-year-old San Diego high school student singing “I Will Always Love You,” was anything but — she didn’t sound like Whitney but is one of the few to actually sound good trying. The young lady wowed the crowd, all of the judges, and everyone watching. See for yourself:

What do you think of Jessica Sanchez’s rendition? Did she nail it?

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  • chrissy

    She made it her own, and did well but please check out Sasha Allen on You Tube singing the exact song, she is an excellent singer and did Whitney justice. It was not overdone, but natural and beautiful. I still cannot believe no one has signed her yet!!

  • hidehidehideho

    If she wasn’t good at all, why would you even bother to write her up.

  • Dianta

    it was great! not whitney houston though.

    • LAD86

      Of course it wasn’t Whitney Houston. She’s dead. I think most people understand that no one can never duplicate the feeling of a song better than the original artist.

  • edrina

    I’m sure most people know that the song was written by Dolly Parton, she was the 1st to sing the song. Some websites have both Dolly’s and Whitney’s versions. Some prefer Dolly’s original version others prefer Whitney’s. Elvis also did the song.

    It was Whitney’s version of the song that made Dolly millions not to mention worldwide recognition for the song. No one should try to imitate another singer-I agree with the other comments that a song “should be your own” and not a copy of someone else’s.

    For me-Whitney’s version will always be the one for me. The emotions that well up in me when I hear her version is beyond anything I can describe. Love you Whitney, RIP.

    • guitarman

      Elvis never sung that song……

  • Steve Guess

    It was damn close to the the way Whitney sang it.