The biggest decision you can make with any type of hair is dying it a brand new hue.

If you decide to add some lowlights or color within your natural hair range, you will not run into too many dilemmas. If you decide to go with a drastic hair color modification, then you may run into some problems.

Coloring hair is always risky business. When you are able to understand what may or may not happen to your colored curls, you will feel more confident about coloring your hair.

Here are some things to consider:

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  • milaxx

    I have always played kitchen beautician with my hair with mixed results. By the time I went natural i was pretty good at knowing my limitations. A few things I noticed d as mentioned in the article above. When I was wearing a wash and go style if I colored my hair the ends simply would not curl. The addition of the color made it look like I was transitioning and still hanging onto 1 -2 inches of permed hair. I never used henna, but found that if I used hair dyes specifically formula for African American hair, not only did the color take better, my hair felt less dry. I am loc’d now and still color my hair. I always wash my hair out in the shower and make sure that the water runs completely clear to ensure that all the excess dye has been rinse out.

  • kidole

    what’s the woman’s name in the red? i would like to see more pics of her hairstyle.

  • I want to dye my hair in two tones. Thanks for the advice. I also wanted to thank Coco & Creme for featuring natural hair article, nearly everyday with different tips and advice.

  • Dedra

    OMG I love those curls… @kidole I think that is Syesha Mercado

  • Melissa

    I love color but I hated retouching when the color grew out. I stopped coloring my hair because my hair became dry especially the ends. I recommend to deep condition your hair as much as you can because color will dry your hair out.