We’ve all heard about the so-called joys of parenthood, but it may not be for everyone, well at least, not any time soon. There are countless reasons why folks choose to wait to hop on train parenthood, but the following are the most common:

You Are ‘Selfish’
A responsible person knows that having kids means your new edition becomes priority number one. So for those of you who aren’t ready to put someone else’s needs before your own, you’re smart to wait until you feel secure enough to make the necessary sacrifices.

The Finances…
Whether you don’t make ‘enough’ or have trouble managing the money you do make, capital is a huge factor to consider when starting a family. You may just not be prepared for the straight up financial drain – courtesy of your little bundle of joy.

What About My Career?
For women especially, this can be a huge issue. Once you decide to have a family, a whole number of issues come to the fore. From issues of maternity leave – to realizing that making that drastic career change you’ve been dreaming of is now out of your reach – is all part and parcel of the journey that is parenthood.

Who Needs The Added Stress?
The physical and emotional drain a child can have on you can be intense. From a woman’s perspective, the sacrifice is immense. We’re not just talking about the morning sickness, weight gain and pain of child birth either. Once your little one is born, both men and women experience a great deal of stress in caring for a baby. Sleep deprivation comes with the territory, and naturally, you have to be prepared to cope with how that will affect the rest of your life, such as your job, and especially, the relationship with your partner.

I Like the Night Life!
Calling all social butterflies, if you are unwilling to relinquish your footloose and fancy-free lifestyle then having kids is most definitely not for you. Once you enter the land of parenthood, every single attempt towards leisure or adventurous activities must be carefully planned in advance to ensure you have someone to look after your little one in your absence. And you can forget about satisfying impulsivity, unless it involves making an impromptu trip to Baby’s R Us to take advantage of their spring sale. And for all you jetsetters, you may want to consider if you’re ready to swap out your sexy trip with friends to Turks & Caicos, with a ‘fun filled’ wholesome weekend at Disney Land.

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  • simonemom

    I can’t believe someone wrote an article like this. Thank God your mother didn’t feel the same way when she had you. 5 Reason to Have Children

    1. It helps you get rid of your selfish tendencies, which you will need to do in order to have a successful relationship with anyone.
    2. The sheer JOY when you look into your little ones eyes for the first time…..priceless.You are given the authority to put every good thing inside of you into someone else.
    3. Who says that you can’t have a career when you have children?? Having a child gave me more hustle & grind than I had as a “childless professional”. I’m more assertive and I have real tife experience that spills over into the workplace.
    4. Yes there will be stressful days as a parent but it all works out when your snuggling up playing games with your child and listening to all the things their little imagination can think of.
    5. The Night life is OVER-rated!! Trust me….the club is the same thing week after week. It wasn’t until I left that lifestyle that I began to discover a true sense of myself. Would you rather be remembered for your drunken club nights or as a phenomenal parent?

    I understand waiting until marriage that is ideal and makes having children a lot easier, however if your pregnancy happened before then children are still a blessing. Let’s not get so wrapped up into ourselves that we forget the beauty it is to bring forth life.

    • chanela

      Omg yes! i love your comment soo much! for some reason the women on this site are sooo anti family they think getting married and having children is the same as being a terrorist. you’ll definitely get lynched for your comment since having 50 degrees,banging random men every day,and buying $8,000 designer shoes is way more precious than having a family.lol