Recently I’ve been on a quest to eat healthier and ditch (most) processed foods. Although you can’t TOTALLY escape processed foods unless your grow your own veggies and butcher your own meat, there are ways to lessen the amount of chemicals we take into our body.

For me, it involves cooking more “whole foods” and choosing lean, and sometimes organic, meats. Over the weekend I was flipping through the April issue of Glamour when I came across the article “7 Foods Nutritionists Wouldn’t Touch With a 10-Foot Pole.” While some like sugary drinks and processed meat (i.e. lunch meat) was a no-brainer, a few others had me saying, “Oh…reeeaaaaly?”

So what should you axe from your everyday diet?

Light yogurt: Despite the popular belief that light yogurts are a good alternative to full-fat ones, they are often filled with artificial sweetners and have less protein than regular yogurt. Try greek yogurt instead.

Fake cheese: If your cheese says “pasteurized cheese product” skip it, it’s not actually cheese. Yes it looks the same and is cheaper, but pasteurized cheese contains chemicals your body doesn’t need.

Bottle salad dressing: Apparently your favorite Ranch dressing contains additives, extra sugar, and in many cases, chemicals.  Mix up your own with oil, vinegar and herbs.

Coffee creamer: I’m not a coffee drinker, but according to the folks at Glamour, creamers often contain chemicals and artery-clogging tras fat! Who knew?

High-protein cereals: Cereals containing fortified protein often use “soy protein isolate” which sounds good because it has “soy” in the title, but is actually a processed protein “devoid of any nutrients.” SO while it sounds good…it ain’t good.

What foods do you skip?

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