I want to give folks the benefit of the doubt here, because I have spent my entire life confusing Nick Nolte and Gary Busey, who look alike but clearly are not the same person. But how can Octavia Spencer be confused for Sherri Shepherd so many times that she’s got to put a public service announcement tweet out there about it?

On Thursday’s episode of The View, Sherri Shepherd explained how many fellow celebrities, including Bo Derek and John Corbett, mistakenly congratulated her for her role in The Help and wished her luck with her Best Supporting Actress nomination. Octavia Spencer took to Twitter on Thursday to remind her fellow actors to think for a second before confusing her with that black lady from The View (who is not Whoopi Goldberg).

Subsequent tweets from the Oscar winner and Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown show that the problem is more widespread than just Octavia and Sherri.

Octavia and Sherri sometimes look a little bit alike, but Octavia and Mo’Nique? Octavia and Yvette Nicole Brown? No way. Is this a case of “all black people look alike”-itis or do these women legitimately favor each other?

What do you think?

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  • rhonda

    but they do sorta look alike to me though….[shrug]

  • Joan

    But she does kind of look like Sherri. LOL! I can totally see people (black, white, whatever) confusing the two of them. But not with Monique.

  • There’s nothing to think. All white people are the same to me.

  • Marisa

    A couple of years ago Regina King told the press she was not Rutina Wesley when they were confusing her with Rutina at the Emmy Awards. I too confuse Katy with Zooey all the time lol but sometimes people do it and the actors dont even remotely look alike. I remember Anthony Anderson was on Fox News morning show talking about his new role on Law and Order but, the idiots at Faux News kept showing a picture of Jesse L. Martin. Now yall know those two dont look at all alike,Anthony handled it well he said “Did I lose so much weight that I look like Jesse Martin”lol.