Swiss luxury jeweler Shawish has revealed what it’s calling “the world’s first diamond ring”, an all-diamond 150 carat blingtastic thing of gaudy beauty that’s valued at $68 million. You gotta look at it, gasp, sigh, and wonder how long it’ll take for Claire’s to make a costume jewelry version that will probably give you some kind of rash but achieve the same effect for $4.99.

I’m not sure who this ring is intended for at that price, but as someone who has never owned a real diamond, $68 million sounds almost as ridiculous as $20,000 or $10,000 or any amount that could buy me a car instead of a little shiny ring. I’m sure that the day will come when the man of my dreams pops the question with a ring in hand that will be too small for my ideal liking or placed in my less-than-favorite setting, or cut into an unappealing shape, but I’ll be so happy to have found the man of my dreams that I’d ever object to any expression of his commitment to me. When it comes down to it, diamonds are pretty to look at and everything but I don’t get the big deal. And I definitely cannot wrap my head around women who insist on having a ring of a certain size or measure the worthiness of a proposal by the size of the rock. At least, that’s what I like to believe about myself.

Very few of us openly admit that we’re shallow, so sometimes we let pop culture do it for us. Do you remember when Aidan proposed to Carrie on Sex and The City and she was upset because the ring was pear-shaped? Or did you catch last week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta when Sheree hovered over her future son-in-law vetoing any ring in the jewelry store that she deemed too small for her little princess? These people are particularly shallow examples, but is there a part of us that understands where they’re coming from? Or is the cultural cliché about women and our love for diamonds overblown?

What do you think?

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  • binks

    I only like diamond studs, I am not a fan of rings in general but when I do get one I prefer it to look unique than the standard diamond ring.

  • msbklynqn

    I don’t know about you (call me shallow) but I am drooling. A finger could drop off from frost bite with so much ice around it! hmmmm. Nobody can’t tell me that just for one minute they wouldn’t want to wear it.

  • chanela

    its so goddamn childish when women are mad and throwing a hissy fit over getting the “wrong” engagement ring. bish be happy somebody actually wants to marry your foolish ass! honestly, its silly cause women only care about what the ring looks like just so they can show it off to their coworkers and friends and make them jealous. wtf?

    if you’re gonna talk shit then buy your own damn ring. that man obviously loves you enough to spend thousands on something so small and trivial as well as spend the rest of his life with you and all you focus on is the ring? SMH

    sorry to rant but this shit pisses me off about women.

    • @chanela,

      It ain’t trivial….you make it seem trivial….but that ish is serious!

    • binks


  • rapheaL

    Yes they are!!! …………….WOMEN ARE STUPID!!!

    A women would pay thousands of dollars for diamond. However would not pay over a 10 for a cubic zirconia . They both look identical. If tomorrow the world told women that cubic zirconia is actual worth more than diamonds they would switch in a matter of days.

    • Zaza

      Is there really a need to be insulting like that?
      And with your logic aren’t men just as ‘stupid’ for buying the rings the women recieve? Are those cars worth hundreds of thousands that many men dream of driving really ‘worth’ that $250,000 or whatever they cost?Nope.
      Both men and women buy into societal values of what certain objects and products are ‘worth’.

  • Jaznea Brumfield

    I don’t need any ring to prove my mans love, so if we are poor with little money or just middle class all I care about is living my life happily and being loved by the man of my dreams broke or not ..