There has been a lot of talk about single mothers lately. From proposed laws aiming to criminalize single parenthood, to the startling statistics hurled at black women that 70% of our children are born to unwed parents, the conversations around single motherhood has become a hot topic and a tool to shame many women. But one popular vlogger thinks the conversation needs to change.

After she was informed that many people on a women’s forum were taking shots at her single motherhood status, entrepreneur, natural hair vlogger and media personality Taren Guy decided to respond.

In a video titled “Are Single Mothers Damaged Goods?!” Guy takes aim at those who feel like single mothers are less desirable, less worthy, and less able to find love. In the clip Guy shares her story of being a newly single mom and drops a few inspirational words for those who may be in her shoes.

Check it out & share your thoughts.

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