Taking a road trip this Spring Break?

I love to travel.

I love to write about it, talk to others about it, and swap stories about seeing the world. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved hopping a car, plane, or train to take me to another locale. And despite being way grown and not having an official spring break, I’m looking forward to taking a quick trip next month.

In college, I never did the beach thing, never went on one of those week-long Hangover type trips that left me sunburned and with a slew of embarrassing memories. Nah, I opted for more low-key memories: day trips to the coast, a jaunt to NYC to see the city, or a trip to the Bay.

But as Spring Break quickly approaches, I’m wondering where I should head off to this year. Living in California makes it rather easy to reach a beachy destination–we’ve got plenty–but I think I want something different. Whatever I decide it will most likely involve packing up my truck and hitting the road.

But how about you? Are you headed on a trip for Spring Break? 

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  • Oh yea and can someone tell me how it is living alone in Brazil or Argentina…tryna do a solo trip before grad school…but I’m scared lol…help!…I tried to post this once and didn’t go through so I apologize in advance for the double post..

  • Sally

    Don’t forget the hilarious spring break pictures guide! http://theblacksheeponline.com/article/spring-break-pics-or-gtfo

  • df

    might be heading to austin for sxsw but just thinking about all the mayhem and the crowds..blegh…

  • chanela

    Hell. the only place im traveling to is my wackass $8 an hour job. it’ll take me years to save up. doesn’t help that solo trips aren’t an option for me and i’m the only damn person in my friend circle with a job. smh I guess i wont get to travel until i turn 70 then.