It’s been four years since R&B diva Ashanti released an album, and since then many have wondered if she’d ever return. After record label drama, a no-labels-attached relationship with Nelly, and some philanthropic work, Ashanti is back.

Ashanti recently released a video for her upcoming album Braveheart and it features rapper Busta Rhymes. In the song Ashanti sings of love gone awry, and what happens when a woman’s over trying to make it work.

Check out Ashanti’s ‘The Woman You Love”…..are you feeling it?

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  • Kesha

    <3 the song. Like the video. <3 the fashion.

  • Yolanda W.

    I really like the song & I enjoyed the video. Ashanti do what you want to do regardless of what anyone has to say. Only you can determine your destiny no one else. I love singing and I
    wish I had the opportunity to sing so everyone could hear my voice and enjoy my songs. Do what makes you happy and be sincere about your music.

  • I like the video just not the space theme. I’ve never seen the Katy Perry video so I can’t compare, but everyone copies off everybody these days. So if Katy Perry did a space theme we can make an argument that it copied Britney Spears ‘Oops I Did it Again’ video.

    But anyways, I LOVE the song and the fashion in the video is hot (minus the braid across forehead) but the shoes and the lips were a + (plus). People comparing her to Rihanna on talent is ridiculous she has more awards and has broken more barriers than Rihanna ( don’t have time to look up awards, but I’m pretty sure). Neither are very good dancers or singers (live-wise) but they both puts on OK concert performances, granted they aren’t Beyonce’s when it comes to performances they both do okay.

    Also, ppl are in the world of social networks Rihanna has better PR and Ashanti goes about her business w/o the Twitter beefs and major publicity. I also read somewhere that she doesn’t have a personality (Ashanti), she has more personality than many of the artists out if you take time to watch videos and interviews.

    So personally I can’t wait for her Braveheart album to be released.

  • dal

    She hasn’t aged a bit. Unfortunately she hasn’t matured much as a vocalist either. It’s kinda hard to get away with being so pop, when you audience isn’t teenagers anymore. She definitely had a good run, I just don’t see her reclaiming that kinda of success. I like the song… wish there were stronger, more heart stirring vocals.

  • u guys relly make me upset sp comment