Over the weekend, Love & Hip Hop star Emily B. tweeted a photo of her and longtime boo Fabolous. Although the two have been together for years and have a son, the couple famously (and publicly) split after Emily was tired of Fabolous’ cheating and uncommitted ways.

Although she claimed she was moving on and starting a new chapter in her life, the couple is back together, and according to Emily, Fab is her “fantasy man.”

On Sunday, Emily tweeted a photo of her and Fab and apparently, many were questioning her relationship. After getting tired of folks taking jabs at her choice to get back together with Loso, Emily went on a little rant.

I really don’t care what u think.. Everyone deserves a second chance….The picture was meant to be funny.. Y’all are miserable.. lol…

Maybe I shouldn’t do a 3rd season cuz y’all don’t appreciate my honesty.. I didn’t have to tell y’all my story period….Anyway y’all not about to make me lose my religion on a Sunday..lol. #Imout

While the criticism is certainly warranted because Emily invited the cameras into her private life,  she got me to thinking.

How many chances should someone get to make things right in a relationship?

Although every relationship is different and the circumstances dictate what will happen in the future, I’m not sure I could be as…forgiving…as Emily and wait years for my man to not only stop cheating, but also acknowledge our relationship.

How about you?

How many chances do you give your partner before you end the relationship and move on?


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