This must be the comeback season!

Just this week Ashanti returned with a new video, and a few weeks ago SWV released their first video in nearly 15 years. Now, R&B divas Lil’ Mo and Tweet (!!!) are back with their very own collaboration.

The Southern Hummingbird and the Superwoman teamed up for “iLove Me” a track about bouncing back from a failed relationship.

While I’m happy both ladies are back on the scene, the track leaves a lot to be desired. Both women have beautiful voices that would be better suited over a stronger, more interesting track, but I do hope this means that both will be dropping albums soon.

What do you say Clutchettes and Gents….love it or leave it alone? 

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  • Dalili

    Vocals: Great
    Lyrcis: Not so much
    Video: Not at all

  • Warm Cuddle

    Not a good look. They need to get back to that sound that we all grew to like them. This [email protected]@ sound that they are trying to replace R&B with is dreadful. I will not support the destruction of our sound. And please don’t tell me about R&B music is evolving. This is a mess all the way around. Tweet, Lil Mo if you are reading this (which you should be) get back to the following sound. Stop dumbing down you sound to fit into this wackass time period of music that we are in.

    Lil’ Mo – 4Ever (Ft. Fabolous)

    Tweet 13 Call Me

  • mamareese

    Loving this song….Ya’ll know it’s been a minute since they had a hit….they are own a budget! Lil Mo’ got them chicken grease knees!!!! They look fab though!

  • Whatever

    I miss Lil Mo! I want these two to make a serious comeback.

  • chanela

    them vasaline legs tho….lol