The expansion of the Violence Against Women Act is still making its way through a Congress influenced by a political climate that is increasingly hostile towards women and our rights — Republicans have accused Democrats of using the issue of violence against women and this bill in a political power play to cater to the party’s liberal base. Yet the amendment to the existing bill would increase protections for LGBT, undocumented immigrant, and Native American victims of abuse, which are all very real needs in America.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore took the House floor yesterday to personalize the issue of violence against woman and stress that it’s not some niche or partisan issue, it is “as American as apple pie.” She knows this because she was both sexually assaulted as a child and raped as an adult, incidents that the congresswoman bravely made part of her speech during yesterday’s session. Watch:

You’ve got to applaud Moore’s bravery and frankness in so unflinchingly sharing her story for the benefit of other women.

What do you think? Will Moore’s openness help this amendment get passed?

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  • No. She is black.

  • Priceless34

    This is a man’s world….

  • ^Well I am sure there were similar sentiments levied against those who fight for justice and human rights, “you are wasting your time protesting injustice, you are black just accept it and stay in your place, its a white man’s world you just live in it”, “You are woman stop demanding equal rights, it’s a man’s world what business do you have wanting to get an education, stay in the kitchen” ( i could go on with fighting imperialism and the impossibility of putting an end to human rights abuses),although I can understand feeling helpless at what seems like an insurmountable task, what choice is there, but to demand what is JUST for human beings? the world belongs to no one race or gender, it belongs everyone. So keep up the fight and change will happen, we are all here today because those who refused to sit down, who didn’t think they deserved less due to their skin color or gender. She is a brave woman for standing there and with a brave face telling a horrific period from her life. Thank you for what you do. A side note I was listening to NPR years ago on the rapes in Indian reservations, in which the Congresswoman here touches upon, I remember being so horrified staring blankly at the radio and ended up being late to class, it was the first time i had heard of what is an endemic and little is done for the victims, there is hardly even any media coverage.It’s infuriating and the least we can do is morally support those who are taking a stand against injustice.

  • Ms. Terious

    Just looking at this and thinking about the other situations going on in America (Trayvon Martin, economic crisis, lack of leadership, occupy wallstreet), I feel helpless. I really think the U.S. is on the brink of chaos.

    We need a revolution!!! (**kicks over a table**, turns on Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up”)

    Now I just got to figure out how to change the world….(**puts head in hands and contemplates**)

    • E.M.S.

      Ms. Terious you are absolutely correct. I’m starting to this the 2012 thing is true, but not because of some natural disaster, because of the societal breakdown we’re beginning to experience. The government is getting out of control. They are no longer using their power to protect us, they are using it to control us.

    • Chocolate_cyn


  • QueenofNew

    I don’t get the point of this Act. Laws currently exist against violence.

    • Mesha J

      This law is extremely important. The federal government barely provides any financial funding and support for programs and agencies that save the LIVES of so many women and children. There are countless women in the U.S. that are victims of domestic violence. The stats indicate (CDC) that one in four women will become a victim of intimate partner violence at some point in their lives. ONE in FOUR that statistic is staggering and indicates that IPV is a serious social problem that needs more national support from our federal government