As the investigation into the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin heats up, many are questioning whether or not Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law is to blame.

After shooting Martin, George Zimmerman claimed self-defense, and police failed to investigate the case or arrest him, citing the law. Now, the sponsors of the statue are speaking out and they feel that Sanford PD’s application of the law in this case in unwarranted.

According to former state Sen. Durell Peaden and current state Rep. Dennis Baxley, who sponsored the bill in 2005,  the law was “designed to protect citizens by giving them the right to ‘meet force with force,” not allow someone to pursue another person, confront them, and kill them.

Peaden made it clear he feels Zimmerman doesn’t qualify for the law, “They got the goods on him. They need to prosecute whoever shot the kid. He has no protection under my law.”

Peaden continues, “The guy lost his defense right then when he said ‘I’m following him,’ he lost his defense.”

Baxter agrees with his colleagues assessment, but isn’t ready to throw out the law all together. He said that changes need to be made to ensure people like Zimmerman cannot claim to qualify for the statute.

“If you want to pass something, pass something that limits their ability to pursue and confront people,” Baxley said.

It’s been nearly a month since Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, and he remains free.

Tuesday the Department of Justice Civil Rights division announced they were opening an investigation and the Florida state attorney announced they would be convening a grand jury on April 10.

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  • marais morris


  • mdottwo

    This incident a model for the conflict between hispanics and African Americans? Many, many hispanics want to identify as white, and bring with them a caste mindset from the hispanic nations from which they hail. Many of them consider themselves superior to African Americans. And even worse, many of them have openly stated that they intend to displace black Americans as our nation’s “preferred minority.”

    Black, paid Judas goat politicians like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been given the assignment to merge blacks and hispanics into a single ideological voting block. Dear black people wake up, hispanics are not your natural ally;do not go for it. They have everything to win(hispanic foreigners’ employment rate is higher than ours), and we have everything to lose. The Democrat paid church-less reverends will show up in Florida to make sure that no public rift between hispanics and black Americans is openly voiced during this whole debacle, because the Dem Party’s goals supersede the sensibilities of black Americans. That why the media kept referring to Zimmerman as white, in order to direct black anger away from hispanics. Anyone can clearly see that the man is hispanic. For centuries we have had home grown slaughterers of black boys and men, now we are importing hispanic peasants with a black blood-thirst. A California court ruled that Mexican gangs were systematically murdering black people to ethnically cleanse neighborhoods. In Chicago warnings have been issued about hispanic gang initiations that involve abducting and raping black women.

    African Americans, this is the moment to let hispanics and all politicians know that we owe them nothing, and refuse to be further manipulated by them. We should most emphatically inform everyone, be they black, white, hispanic or other that we will no longer put up with their murderous antics towards black people(Google the history of hispanic on black murders), and that we will hound Zimmerman until he is put behind bars.

    • So Over This Ish

      *claps* I agree with this comment 100%. Thank you for speaking the truth!

      I would like to say, though, that you might be confusing Zimmerman’s race with his ethnicity. He is a white Cuban…they’re everywhere in Florida, which is where I’m from. The incident with the two girls who made the racist Youtube video? They are white Latinas from Florida. A Hispanic person can be of any race or they can be a mix of different things.

      But you are right, many Hispanics do have a deep-seated hatred for people of African descent. Sometimes they can be cruel to the Afro-Latinos as well for having darker skin and kinky hair.

      Lord knows I’ve had quite a number of them display this racism towards me, especially since I am a biracial person who is often mistaken for Latina. But I’m not, and they often make racist comments in my presence.

      And what you said about some of them coming to the US with a caste mindset is very true. I hope justice is served. My heart goes out to Trayvon’s family.

    • mdottwo

      I don’t consider any hispanics whites! Those who want to self-identify as white, want to continue the color caste system within their culture/nations. You see wanting to say you are white because you are lighter skinned than others in your culture, gives you cultural, social and economic power as an individual, family and class group – but it doesn’t make you white in the real world.

      Compare these light skinned hispanics to real white Europeans. The Spanish blood that these crazy people claim that makes them white, was overwhelmed centuries ago. It’s like super light-skinned black people passing for white. The majority of the world’s population is non-white, and hispanic cultures belong in the non-white columns.

      Short story: When I went away to college in upstate New York, there were two hispanics who shared the room next to mine. I had had little to no interaction with any kind of hispanics prior to this time. The floor was mostly black, but everybody was friendly until
      some racial incident occurred on campus that made us talk about race openly in the halls. My neighbors were Puerto Rican. One talked about the incident as if they were
      white, the other spoke about the incident as if they were black. I asked the white identifier why she thought she was white? She said, “because I am.” But I remembered seeing pictures of her family gatherings and seeing obviously black aunts, uncles in her family.

      I pulled an average American white girl from her room, and asked “Are you white like her?” She looked so uneasy, tears welled in her eyes. I pulled a very light-skinned black girl from room, and asked “She’s lighter than you, does that make her white?”
      Tears began to run down her cheeks. I said, “When you were talking as a white, you tried to assume a superior intellect, class, and social power over the rest of us who are standing here. Black Americans will not allow you to try and use your manufactured whiteness to assume any kind of advantage over us. We have paid, and continue to pay the price for the advancement of all non-whites in America. Maybe in your family, culture and neighborhood that works, but not out here in real America. White folks know who’s white and who’s not. They might like you better, and might even encourage you to carry out your ‘I am white’ fantasies; but I assure you, they don’t consider you white. What you need to understand, there are no people in America more color conscious that black Americans. We, better than any others, know who’s white and who’s not. Black America has near-white enclaves in various locations across the nation. Many go and pass for white. Most black people do not resist their world view, because the have no power in black America. The difference between them and you is they know they are black; you people have brainwashed yourselves
      into some kind of escape world where you convinced yourselves you are white.”

      It’s a color power game they play. They are invading our nation, and bringing their racial backwardness with them.

  • CurlySue

    I don’t think you can use this case as a criticism of the SYG law, because as the drafters of this law have noted, Zimmerman cannot use the law as defense because he pursued Trayvon. SYG laws only applies as a defense when you’re going about your business and you’re attacked. There is no precedent for it being applied successfully to any situation where someone follows and confronts a “suspicious” person. I, personally, support the SYG and the Castle law, but only when it’s applied as it should be. Zimmerman doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  • I know its been said over and over again but i feel that skin colour is of no importance. I am black but from a country where we all have the same colour. I feel soo soory for Treyvon’s family…it’s quite tragic. Wether dis Zimmerman guy is claiming any law or not justice should be served and no further delays about it. Injustice of every form makes my heart burn. Every justice loving person and every member of the black community must fight until proper justice is served.