Being a woman is hard. The primping, the curling, the plucking…the waxing, ouch! Maintaining the fabulousness that is our femininity needs to be a full time paying job, which is why I never understand when someone adds another task to the list.

It was Jennifer Love Hewitt who kicked off the “vagazzaling” trend a few years back, putting the term into common use after chatting about it on “Lopez Tonight,” and if you thought the trend had died and gone to bedazzled va jay-jay heaven you were sadly mistaken. Apparently women everywhere are still proudly vagazzaling, even Jennifer Love Hewitt who admitted to keeping up with her glittery habit in the April issue of Maxim. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t even want air down there after a wax let alone some sticky faux jewels. Maybe I missed the memo, but I didn’t realize this was even a trend. I’m all for finding new ways to entice your other half or simply celebrate the awesomeness of va jay-jay power, but vagazzling just seems like a weird waste of money to me.

Am I wrong?

Do you vagazzale? If so, why?

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