Estelle and Chris BrownWe can add Estelle to the list of folks who are over “the incident” and think Chris Brown deserves a break. In a recent chat with Vibe, the UK singer dropped a few words about her “International” collaborator.

Although she’s seen and heard the news like the rest of us, Estelle says she’s not one to judge Brown because she’s been talked about as well.

“I try not to judge because I’ve been judged a heck of a lot, and it don’t feel nice. I feel like Chris is an incredible singer, musician, dancer, entertainer, and brain box as far as business and that’s why I respect him and that’s where we meet at because I have nothing else to go on.”

While many point to celebs as role models and attempt to hold them to a higher standards, Estelle says ultimately that job falls to parents.

“Parents, raise your kids. Young men and women, raise your kids. Don’t let us raise your children. That’s my take on it.” She continued speaking about Breezy, “I respect him, I love him, he does amazing music, and has evolved. He’s worked his ass off, so why are people still crucifying him?”

Judging by his album sales, Grammy awards, and popularity since “the incident” I don’t think Brown’s career has suffered as much as some think.

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  • just goes to show you. make money and you’ll always have friends in the industry.

  • mamareese

    Look if the victim can forgive the matter then really we have no say. We didn’t suffer one blow or punch that he landed. Rihanna did…and if she can find it in her heart to work with him and move on from it….maybe it’s time we did too. Buy his music or not the choice is yours. I’m sure most of you still listen to TI, Lil Wayne and BeBe Winans music and all them other folks that’s been heemed up for a crime just like him…..Still buying up Whitney and MJ’s albums…talking about Mike Tyson and Mike Vike…..ALL of them had a fall from grace and look…they still got fans and lots of love. Move on…it may not be right…but neithier is holding a grug.

  • Presh7Hill

    “Parents, raise your kids. Young men and women, raise your kids. Don’t let us raise your children. That’s my take on it.”

    That’s all Estelle should have said. It answers everything about Chris Brown, Rihanna, Michael Vick/Jackson/Jordan/Tyson, and any other black famous person that has public issues.

  • Laina

    I agree with Estelle. But it is funny how Estelle comes to his defense but I doubt that Mr. Brown would even date someone or her hue. That blond hair on Chris, not a good thing.