Yesterday we told you about Joshua Smith, a 14-year-old Detroit boy who is accused of brutally murdering his mother while she slept.

Although Smith’s uncle, LaShaun Roberts, initially said he brutally murdered his mother because she was trying to keep him out of a gang, in an interview with a local news affilate, he has softened his tone.

“His mother was real sick and she called him every time she needed something,” Roberts, the victim’s brother explain. “He was tired of that.”

Roberts also told reporters that his nephew was in ROTC and on the swim team, but had also been trying to get into a gang and was dabbling in drugs.

Police allege Smith broke into a room containing his stepfather shotgun and shot his mother multiple times while she slept on the couch. Smith’s 5-year-old sister and stepfather had to jump through a window to escape the gunfire.

Although it seems like a case of a good boy gone bad, Smith’s cousin says he was not a killer.

“Everything everybody’s been talking about — he was joy riding, he was smoking, he was in a gang — you all are lying. He’s been with me,” Ceilcia Smith, the boys cousin, told Detroit’s Fox News.

Despite the brutal nature of the murder, Roberts said he is still standing by his nephew.

“I just want to let him know that, hey, I still got his back. I’m still going to represent him and help him in any way I can,” he said.

Joshua Smith is being held in a juvenile facility while prosecutors decide whether or not to charge him as an adult.

What do you think? Should Joshua Smith be charged as an adult? Would you be able to support him if he was your family member? Sound off! 

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  • E

    This is a sad case. There are clearly some deep rooted issues here and go further than him just being tired of helping his sick mother. Honestly if it were my sibling that killed one of my parents I couldn’t associate myself with them. I’m pretty sure that I read he said during the police interrogation that he would have killed his step father but he was holding his 5 yr old sister. What would be said by the family if this young man would have killed the step father as well? It didn’t say they had any issues or that he had to take care of him. Today’s generation is much smarter than what we give them credit for. They spend their time aspriring to be what they see portrayed on television. They grow up too fast and don’t get a chance to experience life. They are influenced more by dope dealers, video models and social media than getting an education. I’m pretty sure she only wanted what was best for him. She didn’t deserve to have her life taken for that. He should be tried as an adult because he committed an adult crime. Just a tough situation for all the family involved.

  • cant believe this happened

    Yes he should be charged as an adult,!..and hell no i wouldn’t support him hell he took the life of the woman who gave him life and support…wth is wrong with these ungrateful ass kids?..!.he took his mother life over a gang?…smfh im saddened by this..