Do you live by the word of your GPS? I do, but if it tells me to go the wrong way on a one-way street, or even head-on into ridiculous traffic or underneath a sketchy bridge, I just find another way to figure out how to get where I’m going rather than let a machine give me bad advice. A group of tourists visiting Australia could not (or maybe chose not) to figure out that sometimes GPS directions just aren’t accurate:

Yuzu Noda, 21, Tomonari Saeki, 22, and Keita Osada, 21, were vacationing in Australia when they decided to take a day trip to North Stradbroke Island, the Brisbane Times reported.

The three Tokyo students trustingly followed their GPS system’s instructions to drive directly through Moreton Bay to the island, forgoing real roads. The low tide was partially responsible for making the bay look more passable, according to the Evening Standard. Yuzu Noda defended their decision to attempt the drive, saying, “[the GPS] told us we could drive there.”

The students were able to drive the rented Hyundai Getz about 50 yards into the bay before they realized they would be unable to drive farther, according to ABC. They attempted to turn around, but the incoming tide forced them to leave the vehicle behind.

So what did they do? They left the car there, let rental insurance take the hit, and paid $1500 in extra charges…and for what? I’m really scratching my head at this one because they look pretty crazy out there acting surprised that their car is underwater. What would make you think that because a GPS tells you that you can drive into water, and all you see is water for miles ahead, that you should give it a try? This story instantly makes me feel smarter.

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